Advanced Scalper is our vision for the future ! Check out Advanced Scalper and start believing in forex robots again !

AdvancedScalper is fully automated MT4 Expert Advisor designed for scalping with impressive results during the Asian session.

We have just finished Advanced Scalper v1.1. A new "Time Closing Mechanism" has been introduced. There are also better results in backtests for more than four years. It is fully compatible with MT4 600-625 build.

It trades between 21-23 GMT on EURCHF, EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPCHF, GBPUSD, USDCHF using M1 time frame.

We have chosen the right strategy combination that provides maximum profits for each pair. Because each currency pair has its own particularities, the strategies were optimized per currency and direction. There are different TP/SL for pair/buy/sell/. The range of TP is between 5-10 pips and for SL is between 30-70 pips.

AdvancedScalper product is really revolutionary in terms of getting huge profits in today's turbulent market conditions. AdvancedScalper robot based on four years of historical analysis of currencies evolution stands for the most popular scalping robot in the world.

AdvancedScalper features represent the newest approach of trading Forex currencies.It is very simple to install, running in profit on all kind of brokers (4 digits as well as 5 digits brokers, ECN/STP brokers , NFA compliant etc). Take advantage of our built-in money management that assists and protects your account to the safest level.

Being designed to earn many pips daily, this robot will be unstoppable and will bring you the most expected financial satisfaction.

AdvancedScalper initiates a lot of trades per session. It is strongly recommended to get cash back for every trade you make. Subscribe now   to get Forex rebates.

Real Money Alpari UK Verified Account:

Demo broker: Excel Markets:

A closer look to our astonishing back-tests product results will reveal that EA is able of doubling your account within weeks.

Four years Backtests using fixed lot of 0.1 and real live spreads from Alpari UK

EURGBP backtest using 2.4 pips spread

EURUSD backtest using 2.0 pips spread

GBPCHF backtest using 7.4 pips spread

GBPUSD backtest using 3.0 pips spread

EURCHF backtest using 3.1 pips spread

USDCHF backtest using 2.8 pips spread

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The 175$ price is available only for the first 100 copies !!

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One license is only for one live account and up to four demo accounts. You will receive all further updates and support.

Due to the digital nature of this product, we cannot offer refunds because the license key never expires and can be used forever.

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